Áder Calls for Climate Action

The world must take action “globally as well as locally”, President János Áder said at the Planet Budapest 2021 sustainability expo. “Global action can be successful through the deeds of nation states,” he said in his address to the event.

The age-old motto of “think globally, act locally” is no longer enough, Áder said in his address on the second day of the event. It should be changed to “act globally, act locally”, he added. People from 120 countries are at the conference in Budapest over the next few days to discuss climate change, the impending water crisis, measures to protect biodiversity and build a circular economy. On the conference’s agenda are the threats as well as opportunities generated by climate change, the dichotomy of energy security and political stability, financing circular and green economies, water and food safety, rapid technical developments in transport as well as waste management, the president noted. The expo held simultaneously with the conference offers products by 183 Hungarian, Polish, Czech, and Slovak companies in connection with sustainable food production, water management, energy supply, transport, urban development and waste management, Áder noted. The products are aimed at reducing man’s carbon footprint and the energy consumption of buildings and transport emissions, he said.




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