Tech: Sony Introduced PlayStation 4


PlayStation 4 was introduced yesterday in New York.

The new game is a platform “by game creators, for game creators”. Running on the same kind of chip that powers PCs, Sony says this it’s running the fastest most powerful game network in the world.

PS4 gets a new controller, Dual Shock 4, which has a touch pad, a headphone jack, and a camera to track the position of the controller. It also has a share button so players can broadcast their play to their friends. Besides, PS4 is compatible with tablets and smart phones. Three characteristics of the new console: streaming, social, mobile.

The ability to download games drew a big applause; it is allowed for players to stream any game to test it, share it with friends if they like, and than download it from the Internet.

The company didn’t reveal any pricing details, but it’s widely expected to launch this fall.



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