What Is New In Rheumatology?


Rheuma Day: What’s new in rheumatology

16 February (Saturday), 9:00 am

Location: Nagyerdei Gyógyfürdő Hotel

4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei park 1.



08.30 Arrival and registration

9:00 Welcome

Dr. Zoltan Szekanecz university teacher


10.9 Progresses in the treatment of gout

Dr. Zoltan Szekanecz university teacher


9:35 Local pain relief options

Dr. Péter Somogyi, head physician


10:00 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

Dr. János Gaál, head physician


10:25 Possibilities of acute pain relief

Dr. Lászlo Szekeres, head physician


10:50 Discussion


11.00 Coffee break


11:15 Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr. László Hodinka head physician


11:35 Spondylarthropathy

Dr. Sándor Szántó, university adjuct professor


11:55 Osteoporosis 11:55

Dr. Szilvia Szamosi, university adjuct professor


12.15 Forum: Challenges of rheumatology

Dr. Zoltan Szekanecz university teacher


12:45 Writing Test, Closing

13.00 Lunch


Apply at: reuma.titkarsag@med.unideb.hu
Telefon/Fax: 06/52/255 091

more info & source: dab.hu

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