Astellas Award: Doctors of the Year 2012


László Csiba and László Bognár, professors of the University of Debrecen are among the Doctors of the Year 2012.

The Astellas Award, which was established 6 years ago in order to restore the respect for medical profession, and other certificates of merit were handed over at 6th February at the Astellas Gala in Budapest.

Among the other Doctors of the Year, László Csiba, university teacher, psychiatrist, neurology specialist and director of the Institute of Neurology received the award in the field of conservative medical specialties.

Certificates of merit were given for the second and third places in each category. Moreover, not only the patients but also a professional jury voted, thus without having a place in the rankings three more doctors were chosen as best. Among them is László Bognár, pediatric neurosurgeon of Clinic of Neurosurgery, director of the Clinic.

Journalists who contributed to the development of the reputation of the medical profession and children who prepared drawings about their pediatrician were also awarded at the ceremony.



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