Electric Car by the Faculty of Engineering


Electric Car by the Students of the Faculty of Engineering…

An electric-powered car, which is suitable for urban traffic, is being built at the winter camp of University of Debrecen, Department of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics.

The faculty is at the forefront of the country’s higher education institutions in the design of alternative-powered vehicles. Its pneumobiles (vehicles driven by compressed air) and electric cars have won national competitions of the recent years. Its racing car – which is currently under the process of obtaining patent  – represented Hungary at the eCarTec in Munich, which is Europe’s largest alternative-powered vehicles’ exhibition.

In this year’s winter exam period the main aim is to develop a double-seated vehicle for urban transport. Thanks to the support of Toyota the electric motor will be implanted into an MR2 car body.

-We would like to be ready by April-May for the Széchenyi race. We are working with an intensive work pace, as we would like to test the car on the streets of Debrecen in the summer – said Géza Husi, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

The Department won 1 million Fts from the Education Research and Development Institute and Wekerle Sándor Fund Management on an open tender announced by the Ministry of National Resources in support of higher education institutions. The project aims at providing financial assistance to institutions of higher education to help its talented students developing their skills and knowledge in extracurricular activities.


Source: unideb.hu

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