Santa’s Pasta Bridge Contest


This was the third time that the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Debrecen had organized the pasta bridge building competition, on the 6th of December.

67 students forming 21 teams entered the competition, where spaghetti and macaroni pasta could be used to build bridges, while important static and constructional knowledge were obtained and practiced.

According to the rules the building needed to bridge an 50 cm distance, its maximum length could be 60 cm, its width 6 cm, while its mass might not exceed 300 g.

The last year’s contest winner pasta bridge was capable of bearing 60 kg on its surface without collapsing. The winner team entered the World Cup as well, where they ranked as 3rd in 2012.

At the present competition, among 21 bridges, the most robust one – which was built by the champion team–, lifted almost 100 kg, which is a new record at the university.


The final results:

1st place:  4.1 (99,51 kg)

2nd place: Törtetők (60,48 kg)

3rd place: Észiáki (38,06 kg)

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