Centenary Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year


The academic year is started with the centenary opening ceremony in Főnix Hall, on 9th September.

An opening speech was given by István Fábián, the Rector of the University, in which he mentioned the 474 years old conventions and the 100 years old foundation of the university’s legal predecessor. He emphasised that the university was able to reform and to preserve its conventions and values even during hard times.

The purposes of the University is to receive the title of accentuated research university, to preserve the leading role in the region, to gain international presence, to strengthen the system of connections with the institutions of the European Union.

István Fábián also talked to the freshmen. He said that he is convinced that they made an excellent choice when they decided to attend to the University of Debrecen. They were reassured by him to grasp every possibilities that the University provides, for example extend their international connections by ERASMUS and other exchange student programs.

The foreign students, who came to Debrecen thanks to the University’s international visibility, were also greeted by Fábián.

The ceremony was ended with the vow of more than 8000 freshmen.

Source: unideb.hu

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