Olympic Champion Water Polo Player Gábor Csapó Has Died


Gábor Csapó, Olympic world and European water polo champion, nine-time Hungarian player who played 272 times in the national team, died at the age of seventy-two, MTI reports.

Csapó was taken to hospital in early November and put on a ventilator, suffering from an incurable disease. “We have lost another legend, who was not only an outstanding player in the teams he played in, but also shaped the sport in a decisive way with his individuality, knowledge and charisma. He is one of the reasons why Hungarian water polo can represent the weight it represents in Hungarian sport, and even in world sport, that it is constantly among the best, that it is an unavoidable factor.” – said the president of MVLSZ, Norbert Madaras.

Csapó also achieved serious success in his civil life, in 1979 he appeared in Péter Bacsó’s film Who is talking about love here? He passionately loved playing cards, during a card party he suggested to Miklós Benedek why not take his son Tibor to play water polo. He gave many famous sayings to posterity, here is one: the ball bounces to the one who loves it the most.

Photo: MTI – Zsolt Zih

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