Debrecen goalkeeper Vukasin Poleksic in The Telegraph


The Telegraph has made interview with Poleksic about the match-fixing scandal.

In 2010 Poleksic was banned for two years by the UEFA for failing to report a telephone call in which a criminal gang offered to pay him to help fix Champions League matches against Fiorentina and Liverpool. The goalkeeper welcomed a journalist into his home to make it clear that he did not take that money.

Poleksic admitted he was naive, not only because he did nothing, but also because he was honest when UEFA called after German police accidentally uncovered the scandal.

He also admitted that the Croatian match-fixer, Ante Sapina called him. In 2011 Sapina was sentenced to five and a half years of imprisonment.

Poleksic said that his advise for a similar situation would be “to tell the club or the Police, you have problems if you don’t tell anybody”.

“I believe in myself,” he said. “But, because of this situation, maybe people believe that I am not a clean person.”


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