Camp Pannonia in Afghanistan: “full house”


The Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Team base of the Hungarian Army became crowded. After two days’ journey the PRT-13 personnel arrived to replace the soldiers of the 5th Bocskai Infantry.

However, before the return of the PRT-12 there is another important task: to pass on the experience gained during the first six months to the newly arrived. So, in the first few days the novices will be spending their first days by listening to theoretical lectures. They can learn about life in the camp, including rules; security situation in Baghlan province; the basic purpose and function of the different departments and about the CIMIC projects recently carried out. The real work begins with the signing of the transfer protocols documents and with the going home of the helicopters of PRT-12.

Révészné dr. Markovics Zita Lieutenant

communications officer

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