Drive Against Traffic Offenders in Hajdú-Bihar County


The last few weekends brought unfavourable accident statistics, it was the third “black weekend” in a succession. More people died on the road these weekends than in the recent year’s same period.

According to the data about accidents, more people died in the first seven months of this year than in the same period of last year; the number of those who died in road accidents increased from 319 to 326.

In consideration of recent period’s casualties and the forthcoming national holiday of 20th August, an increased control was commanded between 10th and 20th August by the Chief Commissioner of Police to avoid further road accidents.

According to the road accident statistics, the tendencies on accidents causing personal injuries show a positive abatement, it decreased by 6 %. Considering all types of injuries, every field of the division is showing a decrease; deathly: from 18 to16, heavy: from 134 to 124, minor: from 310 to 295. A realignment could be detected in the number of injured people; the number of those who died (from 20 to 17) and of those who suffered serious injuries (from 146 to 145) have decreased, while the number of those who suffered minor injuries has increased (from 431 to 443).

The increased control applies to the followings:

– control of drivers and their documents
– checking of drink-driving
– checking of the use of passive safety tools
– control of the use of cell phones during driving
– checking of the adherence of technical specifications
– accentuated control of vehicles with foreign license plate numbers

The opportunity of “lien” of vehicles will be applied by the policemen, by the right of the I Act of Traffic 1988.

Within the confines of the controls, the most busy roads of the counties, the most frequented tourist places, night clubs and pleasure-grounds, holiday resorts will be controlled by policemen. All of the speed indicators will be used, drink-driving will be strained off, the use of passive safety tools will be controlled (for instance safety belt and child seat).


Éva Kelemen, p. first lieutenant
Press Spokesperson of Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County

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