Imre Major, Oscar-Winning Software Developer, Has Died


The work of the programmer, who died at the age of 48, played a key role in the creation of films such as Avatar, the Harry Potter films and King Kong.

Software developer Imre Major, who received a technical Oscar in 2014 along with several colleagues, died at the age of forty-eight.

Major was one of the developers to whom the film industry owes Mudbox, a 3D modeling software. It played a major role in the visual realization of films such as Avatar, the Harry Potter films, King Kong or Life of Pi, but it was also used in the creation of several computer games.

The news of Major’s death was shared by a former classmate on Facebook. According to the comments under the post, the filmmaker died after a long and serious illness. “Imi was such a humble genius. He was one of the developers of the 3D sculpting software called Mudbox, which was used in all kinds of great Hollywood movies”, his former schoolmate wrote about him.

After his award in 2014, Major gave an interview to the press. He told the almost fairytale story of their work: in 2004, he applied for a classified ad with his colleague Csaba Kőhegyi. The sender was none other than the Lord of the Rings production currently shooting in New Zealand, where three graphic designers – Andrew Camenisch, Tibor Madjar and Dave Cardwell – were looking for a programmer to create software suitable for shaping the cinematic creatures. The development took off, and later, in addition to the already mentioned films, the software was also used in a series of Pixar and Disney films.

Imre Major will be buried in his hometown, Hajdúböszörmény on 16th February.

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