Meteorology: we can expect particularly hot weather until the middle of next week, we must prepare for another heatwave from Sunday


At least until the middle of next week, we can expect, particularly warm weather, and although weak fronts may arrive over Hungary on individual days, these will only temporarily moderate the heat. From Friday, drier and warmer airwaves will arrive again, so another heat wave is expected from Sunday.

Meteorologist András Mesterházy said: a weak cold front will arrive on Monday night, in the first half of the night, stronger cumulus clouds can be expected in the northern part of the country, and there is also a greater chance of showers and thunderstorms here. The showers and thunderstorms move to the Great Plain at night, and then the precipitation stops everywhere in the early hours of the morning.

Predominantly sunny, rain-free weather is expected almost all over the country on Tuesday. After the cold front, the temperature will decrease by a few degrees, and the peak values may be between 30-34 degrees Celsius during the day on Tuesday. The feeling of heat can be moderated by the invigorating north-west wind, even along the Danube and between the Danube and the Tisza, strong wind gusts of 45-50 kilometers per hour may also occur, he said.

He added that during the day on Wednesday, a wavefront will arrive from the northwest, so the formation of cumulus clouds will become more and more powerful from noon, and in the afternoon and evening more and more places should be prepared for showers and thunderstorms. It will be especially hot before the incoming front, the peak values may be between 30-38 degrees, and there is a small chance that even the daily national heat record may be broken.

On Thursday, the wavefront will be over the country, so showers and thunderstorms may occur in several places, even repeatedly, and then drier air will arrive in the evening. Predominantly sunny, rain-free weather is likely on Friday and the weekend, and it will get warmer.

The next heat wave may peak on Sunday or the first days of next week. In an increasingly large part of the country, especially in the central part of the country and the Great Plains, peak temperatures can exceed 35 degrees, and the nights bring less and less refreshment, said András Mesterházy. He added that a more pronounced cold front may arrive in the middle of next week, along which showers and thunderstorms may occur in several places, and the front may even moderate the high heat permanently.


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