The European Commission is investigating the canopy walk without the forest


We already wrote about how the crazy canopy walk in Nyírmártonfalva made by Mayor Filemon Mihály is slowly becoming world famous, so much so that the European Commission is already investigating the case of the Nyírmártonfalva canopy walk, writes Blikk.

The European Commission thoroughly examines the information and analyzes the situation, and takes the necessary steps if the aid has been used irregularly.

– a source close to the European Commission told Népszava regarding the canopy walk in Nyírmártonfalva. According to the paper, the board is currently checking whether the project was financed within the framework of the 2014-2020 Hungarian rural development program.

In the village of Nyírmárton, the Fidesz mayor of the village won significant EU support to build such a structure in his private forest, but later all the trees around it were cut down. The case was revealed to the public by Ákos Hadházy, an independent member of parliament, and Átlátszó.

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