The number of people infected with monkeypox in Hungary has increased to 71


The National Public Health Center (NNK) has confirmed the monkeypox infection in one more person, so the disease has already been detected in 71 people in Hungary, the NNK informed MTI on Friday.

In the statement, it was written that last week a 36-year-old man visited a healthcare provider in Budapest with symptoms suggestive of monkeypox, and the infection was then confirmed by sampling.

The disease begins with general, non-specific symptoms – fever, chills, muscle pain, back pain, headache, fatigue – and swelling of the lymph nodes, and skin rashes appear 1-3 days after the initial symptoms.

In many cases, the rashes first appear on the face, then on the palms and soles, but they can also appear on the oral mucosa, genitals,  and around the anus, the announcement reads.

The NNK asks everyone to always consult a doctor in the event of an illness accompanied by a rash.

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