Congestion on the Exit Side of the Röszke Border Crossings


Due to the guest workers returning to the holidays, a congestion has developed on the exit side of the Röszke border crossings on Friday morning, police said on its website.


At the motorway border crossing, those traveling by car have to wait three hours and those arriving by bus have to wait two hours. It is two hours away at the road border crossing, which can only be used for exits on Fridays.

There is also a two-hour wait at the ásotthalom road border crossing between 7 am and 10 pm. At the Tiszasziget road crossing, those going to Serbia have to wait for half an hour at the Kübekházi.

Those traveling by car to Romania have to wait an hour at the Csanádpalota motorway border crossing.

Travelers can find out about the opening hours of border crossing points and the expected waiting times there on the Border Information page of the police and with the help of the Police Route Information mobile application.


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