Hungary Covid Booster Vaccination Rate Highest in EU


Hungary has administered coronavirus booster shots to a greater share of its population than any other European Union country, according to a government social media post.


According to a table posted on the government’s social media platform, fully 26.19% of Hungary’s population has received a booster jab compared with the EU average of 10.5%. Malta has also administered booster shots to over 20% of its population (23.42%), as has Austria (22.11%), according to the table. Fourteen other countries have given booster shots to less than 20 but more than 10% of their population, with the vaccination rates being the highest in Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium, Denmark and Estonia. Less than 10% of the population have received the booster jab in the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Poland, Finland and Bulgaria. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, Croatia, Latvia and Slovakia have not supplied any data on their booster vaccination rates, according to the table.


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