Kásler came to Debrecen to state: “Health care didn’t waver for a moment during the epidemic”


Fidesz holds an external faction meeting in Debrecen, Viktor Orbán explains to his party colleagues for another day what they should think about.

The Minister of Health Miklós Kásler said in the Civis town, the “guard city of freedom”, “the basis of our sovereignty is still to guarantee all kinds of security for the nation.” For him, it is

one of the cornerstones of health care, which did not waver during the epidemic, for a single minute.

It is quite a parade that he dared to report this smoothly, as it is immediately apparent in terms of mortality rates that Hungary is at the forefront of the world (mostly in second place, depending on the measurement method). Here are, for example, the most cited statistics from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore:

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