7 years of penitentiary

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High Court of Justice sentenced Csaba László to 7 years of penitentiary because of robbery.

Csaba László lived in sublease in Debrecen with his family in 2007. He did not have a job, they lived in poor circumstances; they could not pay the rent, had loans. The man decided to get some money with robbery. In October 2007 he took his children’s fake gun and attacked a postman, who had 134 400 Forints in his bag. After the defendant got it, he went home and gave it to his wife. The woman did not know that the money came from robbery.

The defendant was caught in April 2010.

The first sentence was 8 and a half years of imprisonment, however regarding the circumstances, High Court of Justice reduced it to 7 years.

The verdict is legally binding.


Source: mti.hu

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