8 years of imprisonment for the arsonist

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Courthouse of Debrecen sentenced for 8 years of imprisonment the man, who set his parents’ flat on fire.

According to the indictment, the relationship between the defendant and his parents was quite bad, since the man used to drink and smoked marijuana. The defendant often showed aggressive behavior towards them, he assaulted and threatened to kill them several times. Because of their son’s aggressiveness, the parents had to flee from home.

The indictment says that in 2012 the man was drunk in the morning, so the parents left the house. That was the time when the defendant decided to set the house on fire. He went to a local gas station to buy 10 liters gasoline that he poured into every room of the flat. He lit the house with a match and left.

The courthouse are taking into consideration the extenuating circumstances, that the man confessed his crime. However aggravating circumstances are that he threatened the lives of the parents and kept his relatives in a constant menace.

The verdict is not legally binding, the pleader asked for appeal.


Source: mti.hu

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