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Zoltán Balog, Secretary of State for Human Resources, announced two new ministers at the press conference held at Lovasberény; both are from Debrecen.

László L. Simon leaves his post as Secretary of State for Culture; his successor will be János Halász, ex-vice mayor of Debrecen. Zoltán Balog said that he appreciates the work of László L. Simon, however they could not work together anymore because of their different point of views.

According to the new Secretary of State for Culture, János Halász, “to renew the country, it is extremely important to renew the system of cultural institutions”.

Another politician from Debrecen will be given a post: Zoltán Kovács is the new Secretary of State for Remedial Program of Minorities. Kovács says that the whole country requires the peaceful coexistence of the gipsy population and the non-gipsy population, to close up other minorities living in Hungary is also crucial.



Photo: Gergely Botár


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