Two Clubs are Closed Down

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Two former clubs of Debrecen – Unplugged and Retro 69 – are in liquidation and closed down.

It is natural that discos and clubs come and go, but it is quite rare that a liquidation process is launched against the operators of two clubs at the same time.

Once in Retro 69, a town center based club, there were several hundred people partied at nights. However the last post on their Facebook page is dated to September 2012, since then visitors are asking when the club will open again, but there is no answer coming.

Lilla-Unplugged was opened few years ago in Hunyadi Street and was specialized mainly in live concerts. Their activity started during the previous government and was supported also by state money for the PANKKK series of music events. For a while there were many in the club, but then slowly they ran out of customers. At the place of Unplugged another club is operating from 2012.

At the moment both operators are unreachable on phone.


Source: DTV

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