Summary of 24 January

Local News Police

During the last 24 hours 16 people were caught by the Police, 27 people were taken to the Police Captaincy. Security measurements were made in two cases; four traffic accidents happened, two with minor injuries, two with serious ones.

A 44 years old woman was taken into detention; a warrant of caption was issued against her.

The Police is taking part in the sport events of the weekend; it is responsible for the security measurements. On 27 January, 6 pm, handball team of DVSC Fórum is playing against Budapest SE at Hódos Imre Stadium.

On 27 January, 4 pm, water-polo team of Debrecen is playing against FTC Fisher Klíma at home.

On 28 January, 6.30 pm, DEAC Futsal Club is playing against Colorspektrum Aramis at Hódos Imre Stadium.


Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County

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