Leadership Change at the Regional Development Agency

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Other kind of management approach is needed – according to the ministry.

András Fodor is leaving the directorial seat of the Észak-Alföldi Regionális Fejlesztési Ügynökség (Northern Great Plain Regional Development Agency).

As the reasons of this change has not been clarified yet and it was known that Fodor was closely linked to Lajos Kósa and Róbert Rácz, the editorial staff of Cívishír.hu –who were the only news portal speaking about this news – turned to the Ministry of Development with questions.

According to the Ministry’s information, the change of the leader was necessary as the period of 2007-13 is shortly coming to an end.

The primary task of the new year is to realize developments, to use the funds, which were won, so the emphasis will be put on the implementation of investments. This period requires a different kind of leader attitude, which is represented by Ferenc Mező, who is taking over Fodor’s place from the 1st of January 2013.

Editor’s note: Ferenc Mező used to work in the Institute of Geography at the University of Debrecen and in the Mayor’s Office, before moving to the Regional Development Agency years ago.

source: civishir.hu

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