Summary of the Weekend

Local News Police

Two young men and a woman were taken to the Police Captaincy of Debrecen on 19th October, on the reasonable suspicion of assault and truculence. They were assaulting a 16 and 14 years old boy at Sáránd.

Two women were taken to the Police Captaincy. The 30 years old and 27 years old woman were inviting a 67 years old man for a drink to a local bar, where they put drugs to the man’s drink. After that they went to the man’s house, and when the man fell asleep, the two women stole all the cash found in the house.

Two homeless men were taken to the Police Captaincy of Debrecen on 20th October.

A 31 years old man, who is under a warrant of arrest, were caught at Fényesudvar by the Police. The warrant was issued by the Police Captaincy because of theft. He was taken to the Captaincy and interrogated by the Police.

Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County

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