University of Debrecen, the New Centre of Genetics

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University of Debrecen became an internationally acknowledged centre in the examination of contagious diseases caused by rare genetic disorders.

One of the most important tasks of the Department of Children Immunology and Infectology is to diagnose genetically and clinically, and to cure as far as possible the congenital primer immunodeficiency.

Thanks to the significant development of molecular genetics and immunology, the identification and the diagnosis of primer immunodeficiency has increased during the past few years. At the present moment, almost 200 different primer immunodeficiency is known. The foreground of rare genetic diseases are the genetic mutations, that have an important role in the process and the function of the immune system.

The laboratory of the Department of Children Immunology and Infectology is capable to discover the foreground of more than 50 primer immunodeficiency. Annually almost 200 patients visit the Institution, from foreign countries as well. Besides, another task is to treat those children’s infections, whose disease is not genetic.

Today, Debrecen is an international centre of the research of the foreground of genetic infections and the mutation of genetic immunodeficiency, due to the work of the research team, led by Professor László Maródi.

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