Events of 27th and 28th September

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Events of 27th September

Two men were caught out by the police at dawn, 27th September in Debrecen, during the act of forcing a container of a house open. An investigation was initiated against them on the reasonable suspicion of stealing.

Warrant of caption was launched against a 16 years old boy, who was taken to the Police Captaincy of Debrecen. The boy left the foster home without permission.


Events of 28th September

Two schoolgirls had a fight yesterday in a high school in Debrecen. The 15 years old girl assaulted the 16 years old girl with a mauler, and then a fight was evolving. A third girl tried to stop them but she was also beaten with the mauler. The two girls were taken to the Police Captaincy; a procedure was started against them on the reasonable suspicion of truculence.

Yesterday afternoon three ladies started to fight in front of a pizzeria; a woman was assaulted by a mother and her daughter. During the scrimmage, the youngest woman fell off to the pavement and suffered serious injuries; the two elder women suffered minor injuries. On the reasonable suspicion of truculence, a procedure was initiated against the three women by the Police Captaincy of Debrecen.


Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County


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