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If rain does not keep you back from going out, see a movie or just enjoy seeing the city preparing for Autumn.




10:00 am. – 6:00 pm., MODEM (15 July – 7 October 2012)

Games, fish, birds – Photo exhibition of István Soltész

More information HERE.


10:00 am. – 6:00 pm., MODEM (2 June – 9 September, 2012)

Very Special Joys – a retrospective exhibition by Endre Tót

More information HERE.


10:00 am. – 6:00 pm., MODEM (16 June – 31 December, 2012)

Foreign Matter. “Surrealism” in the Attraction of Reality.

Selection from the Antal-Lusztig Collection

More information HERE.





Screenings in Apollo Cinema and Cinema City – in original language, with Hungarian subtitles.


To Rome with Love

American-Italian-Spanish comedy, 102 min, 2012


The Bourne Legacy

American action, 135 min, 2012


Bel Ami

English-French-Italian drama, 102 min, 2012


La piel que habito

Spanish drama, 120 min, 2011L’enfant d’en haut

French-Swiss drama, 100 min, 2012

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