Home Again After 6 Months

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The 6th squad of MH KFOR Contingent came home after 6 months of service from Kosovo. The homecoming soldiers were celebrated on 4th September, on Kossuth Square, Debrecen.

After the entry of historical banners and the National Hymn, a recapitulation on the success of the mission was given by András Polyák, commander of KFOR-6. The following people were present on the event: László Domján major general, dr Gábor Böröndi brigadier-general, Lajos Kósa mayor of Debrecen, Zoltán Pajna deputy mayor, László Nagy judge of military tribunal colonel.

At first, the soldiers were greeted by László Domján. He emphasized in his speech that the service and the professional expertise of the soldiers were highly appreciated and acknowledged by the Portuguese commander, as well as by the commander-in-chief of KFOR, since they held on in every situations during the mission. Domján also mentioned that thanks to the soldiers’ professional preparedness, there were no serious conflicts during the 6 months.

The squad was also greeted by Lajos Kósa, who thanked the professional determination and courage. Members of the squad were received several honours for their operations of supporting peace, such as 3 MH Medals from the chief of the general staff, 9 mementos, 3 certificates of commendation and 5 “Peacekeeping Service Badges”.


Andrea Tóth
Photos: Mrs Révész dr Zita Markovics, lieutenant

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