29,5 Million Forints to Endoscope Technology Ltd.

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Endoscope Technology Ltd. have won 29,5 Forints from KEOP, within the confines of Széchenyi Plan to establish the project ‘Heat and Refrigeration’.

The purpose of the project is to realize the production of electricity based on solar energy in the area of the firm’s property. The investment approximately costs 59 million Forints, from which 49,92 kW heavy duty system of solar cells will be commissioned. The annual asset would be 2,572,909 Forints; the life-span of the investment is 30 years. The investment would result in the decrease of operational costs. The target audience is directly the co-workers of the firm, whose payment depends on the success of the project.

The firm’s competitiveness and the ability to generate more jobs will be growing thanks to the realization of this project. It is one of the firm’s long-term plan to use green electricity to maintain the building.

The Endoscope Technology Ltd. will be turned into a much more dynamic, viable and stronger firm by the implementation of the project.

For further information: www.emd.hu

Endoscope Technology Ltd.
H-4032 Debrecen, Lóverseny u. 5.
E-mail: info@emd.hu

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