Romanian Policemen in Hajdú-Bihar County

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It is the fourth year that in the tourist season Romanian policemen are seeing service in Hajdú-Bihar county, as well as Hungarian policemen in Romanian tourist centres.

According to the past 4 years’ positive experiences, it was felt necessary by the Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County to have such Romanian officers who speak Hungarian; primarily in Hajdúszoboszló, where the Romanian policemen could help and protect the tourists.

Following the successfully working operation of the past four years, Romanian policemen will be sent from Bihor’s Police Headquarters. They will see service together with Hungarian policemen of Police Captaincy of Hajdúszoboszló, from 10th of August until 30th of August. Their tasks will be patrolling activity on the beach, patrolling activity in the city, communicating with the tourists and helping them. The “mixed” patrol pairs will be sent to the most frequented places, where among the tourists, there are many Romanians. The Romanian policemen will also participate in the Carnival of Flowers in Debrecen on 20th of August.

Two policemen of the Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County will be sent to the mountains of Padis to see service and to help the work of the policemen of Police Captaincy of Bihor, especially with the Hungarian tourists.

In Hajdúszoboszló, which is one of the biggest bathing cities in Europe, Romanian tourists outnumbered other tourists in recent years; more then 100 000 guest nights were spent by Romanians. Taking this data into consideration, the arrival of policemen from Bihor County is inevitable.


Éva Kelemen, p. first lieutenant
Press Spokesperson of Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County

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