Perpetrators of Collective Truculence Were Caught by the Police in Debrecen

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4 people were caught, three men and a woman, on Monday afternoon by the Police in Debrecen. The four perpetrators are under a reasonable suspicion of collective truculence.

According to the available data, three adults, one youthful and one child went into a store on Petőfi Square where one of them tried to lay hands on a chainsaw on Monday afternoon. The perpetrator went out of the store with the chainsaw in his hands; the owner of the store, a 65 years old man, noticed it, went after him and took away the chainsaw from him. The perpetrator’s companions stayed in the store and took an advantage from the absence of the owner, they bated the cell phone from the table and left with it. When the owner went back to the store, he noticed that his phone was missing. He ran after the thieves and told them to give the phone back. One of them threw the phone away and when the owner leaned after his phone three of them started to assault him. The fourth one reassured them to continue to beat the old man.

They stopped the assault when a local resident ran to help the man. After this, the perpetrators left the location. The owner of the store suffered minor injuries.

The patrols of the Police Office of Debrecen went to the location after an announcement and started to quest for the unknown perpetrators immediately. Finally they managed to capture them near the location and took them to the Police Office for interrogation.

Police Office of Debrecen is investigating in the case; the reasonable suspicions are collective truculence and other committed felonies.


Károly Kovács, P. Captain
Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar, Press department

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