According to Eurostat’s new measurement, salaries are lower only in Bulgaria than in Hungary

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After examining the annual average wage levels, Eurostat concluded that Hungary is almost the leader in terms of annual incomes in the field of EU member states – reported

Considering all member states, the average salary of full-time employees in the EU in 2021 was 33,500 euros. The highest average salary in 2021 was in Luxembourg (72,200 euros), followed by Denmark (63,300) and Ireland (50,300), while the army-driving Bulgaria (10,300 euros) is followed immediately by Hungary (with 12,600 euros). Looking at the bottom, Romania came in third place with 13,000 euros.

Eurostat introduced the annual average wage level as a new indicator because of the EU blue card program, as they would use it to attract highly qualified workers to EU member states.

Photo: Yvett Frank

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