That’s how much more electricity and gas become more expensive than the “average consumption”


The government commissioner responsible for maintaining the overhead reduction held an extraordinary briefing on the details of the overhead reduction on the M1 TV channel.

Szilárd Németh admitted that it cannot be maintained that everyone receives energy and natural gas at reduced utility prices – summarized based on the live broadcast.

The government’s decisions are as follows:

– a consumption limit was defined, above which the Hungarian population no longer pays the reduced utility price,

– the government introduces a new tariff, a residential market price, which is lower than the market price.

Here are the overhead rates:


In the case of electricity: up to 2,523kWh/year consumption, the price remains HUF 36, this is the reduced utility price.

For consumption above this, HUF 70.10/kWh. The real market price would otherwise be HUF 268, but the public does not pay this real market price, but HUF 70.1.

Night electricity: HUF 23.1/kWh up to the consumption limit, above that the non-discounted price is HUF 62.9.

The H tariff is valid indefinitely at HUF 36.

Natural gas:

The discounted tariff also remains up to an annual consumption of 1729 cubic meters, i.e. up to a consumption of 144 cubic meters/month: HUF 102 per cubic meter.

Above all this, the new residential price will be HUF 747/cubic meter. According to Németh, the real competitive market price would be HUF 1,020, but that is not what the population will pay.

The discount for large families remains, which affects 300,000 large families: the consumption limit increases by 600 cubic meters for 3 children, 900 cubic meters for 4 children, an additional 300 cubic meters for 5 children, and so on.

This is how the utility prices change in Hungary, if you have to pay the market price

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