Russians Do Not Supply Electricity to Finland Any More


Yesterday, on 14th May, Russia cut off electricity supplies to Finland – in response to the Finns’ announcement of their intention to join NATO on Thursday.

RAO Nordic, a Russian state energy holding subsidiary of Inter RAO, announced in a statement on Friday that it will be “forced to suspend electricity supply” to Finland from 14th May,2022.

Their decision was justified by the fact that Finland is “no longer able to pay for electricity imported from Russia”, adding that this situation is unprecedented, as there has been no example of this in their more than 20-year trade history.

The Finnish service provider, Fingrid, said in response that electricity imports from Russia would be suspended “for the time being” due to payment difficulties. It was emphasized that electricity was still provided in Finland, stressing that energy from Russia accounted for only 10 per cent of Finland’s electricity supply.



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