5000 Euros for a Researcher of Wine

Economy University

Good quality wine deserves good grapes…

Csaba Árendás received the 5000 Euros voucher for his innovative idea on the Day of the University, 2 February. The international jury had found his plans the inventive.

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office of the University of Debrecen called for tender is November 2012 for the implementation of innovative ideas. Among the contestants there were some special inventions: a system for determining the spraying time of grapes on the basis of the weather, a new method for producing selenium-enriched milk, a constantly moving Archimedes clock, a gadget for the prevention of hearing loss due to noise and a mobile application which informs users about the performance of companies.

The 5000 Euros voucher will be used by the mediation of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office for prototype development, business model development, product testing and quality control.

– The main characteristic of my technology is that in every 4 hectare of grapes sensors are implemented, which measure leaf moisture, sunlight intensity and inform producers about the optimal usage of chemicals in spraying- said the young researcher, Csaba Árendás, who graduated from the faculty of Engineering in Information Technology of the Budapest University of Technology. Then he completed his MSc at the EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Telecommunication System Design.


Source: civishir.hu

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