Wizz Air Overcomes Ryanair


The low-cost airline company, Wizz Air in 2012 had more than 12 million passengers, 12 % more than in the previous year.

In 2012, 47 new routes were developed and 4 new countries were added as destinations. From Hungary 1.77 million passengers chose Wizz Air, which is a 30 percent increase for a year. The airline company in 2012 increased its routes from 203 to 250, expanded its operations to new countries, and launched services in 29 countries, including Georgia, Israel, Slovenia and Switzerland. The average occupancy rate of the 80 thousand flights is over 85%, which shows that the company is popular with its low prices.

For 2013 it is expected that 13.5 million passengers would choose Wizz Air. Váradi József, Executive Officer of Wizz Air, pointed out that despite the high fuel prices and rising taxes, the demand for the company’s services grew with 12 % in the past year. This is one of the greatest growth rates in the European air transport sector. Wizz Air operates units consisting of 39 Airbuses (A320-39) from 16 stations on 250 routes with 83 destinations in 29 countries, and it employs 1,500 professionals.

The chance for growth is provided, as Ryanair – a competitor of Wizz Air- diminishes its flights from Budapest with 40% from 10 January. By this decision, which became necessary as Budapest Airport did not reduce its fees, 10 routes will be eliminated, which affects more than 280 weekly flights. As a result 800 jobs are at risk. The Ryanair flights for Baden, Birmingham, Bologna, Düsseldorf, Krakow, Lübeck, Malaga, Munich, Oslo and Thessaloniki will be cancelled. However, it will be possible to reach most of these destinations by other companies’ flights.


source: MTI & vg.hu

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