Debrecen Asset Management Company: Leadership Change – Within Doors


  The former leader of the asset manager company, Ferenc Bak, is followed by Levente Lőrincz, who had been working as the leader of the controlling department of the company.

Levente Lőrincz was born in 1967. In 1991 he graduated from the Department of Accounting of DATE (Debrecen). He spent six years in the APEH (Tax Administration Office) at various positions; most recently he worked as an auditor of the Priority Taxpayers. He participated in the preparatory work of the founding of the holding.  He works for the Debrecen Asset Management Plc. as a controlling leader since 2000. From 1 January he is the Chief Financial Officer. He is a member of the Chamber of Auditors. He is married, with two sons.

The new leader will be in a difficult position: the holding company has substantial loans, in addition, the majority of member companies, amongst which there are the Cívisház Zrt, DKV (public transport), Debreceni Hőszolgáltató (heat provider), Debreceni Vízmű (water provider), Debreceni Reptér Eszközkezelő (airport), Debrecen Városi Televízió (local TV), Debreceni Gyógyfürdő (spa), DV Info (IT compnay) produce significant losses year after year.


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  1. Dear Debrecen Sun! Concerning the above mentioned infrastructure debts; well i don’t know towards who are these debts?. If towards the goverment then these companies can go back to the goverment without debts. If towards other personnels who are trading with infrastructure services, the solution is the same as mentioned above. If towards foreign countries or foreign investors, the goverment can pay them or their goverments which can also pay them locally in a different way; ex. since 2004 i’ve been advocating and planting trees and plants for paying our mayorship and the country’s debts. At the same time this will provide our mayorship and the foreign countries with a variety of agricultural products then each country can have and grow their own from the exchanged or paid with. Right now in the shops there are alot of these agricultural waiting to be grown and further processed; we don’t need to bring more that’ll cause foreign currency more debts and loans. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Rihab

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