Reformation of Higher Education

Economy University

The government’s plan is to modulate the higher educational system to the economic sphere, to the actual claims and future aims of society.

Currently the market does not need for more than half of the professional classes; a number of majors provides such qualifications that are not needed in the labour market. In order to change this situation a new act was legislated by the government in 2012, the number of those students who applied for such majors was decreased. Besides, for the future students of those majors that could support the current economic situation a 100% advocacy is given.

Student Loan Program No. 2 was established by the government, with the purpose of extending the gateway to higher education. In this way the studies of the students are insured by the new loan construction. Higher education becomes available for everyone with the Student Loan 2; the rate of interest is 2%.
The openness of higher education is justified by this year’s number of the admitted students, almost the three-quarter of the applied students were admitted.

The operation of a new structure is becoming insured with the reformation of the system of higher education, where the claims of labour market are provided by the professional classes.

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