Exhibitions of MODEM


20 January – 7 April 2013

Zone – The Past Five Years of Alesd Artist Colony

The origin of Zone is lost in the dusk, its exact location and extent is unknown. It is probably such an intellectual motif that is connected with the work of the artists of Alesd Artist Colony by the exhibition’s curator. The works themselves do not create a well-circumscribable and a scientifically perfectly describable corpus; their main commonality could be Alesd itself, in other words, a Romanian town where ten-something, mostly Transylvanian born Hungarian artists created an artist colony about ten years after the Regime Change. Five of them (Imre Barna Balázs, Zsolt Bodoni, Levente Herman, Mózes Incze and Sándor Szász) were students at the Targu Mures Arts Lyceum than continued their studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, but not even their artworks create a coherent unit. However, there is one thing we can state: the landscape and the surrounding that forms the subject’s identity (may it be Targu Mures, Budapest or Alesd) play an important role.

10 March – 2 June 2013

Funny Story – Exhibition of Lajos Csontó

Lajos Csontó is one of the outstanding figures of visual art. The white chalk drawings and comic book-like pictures will be hanged on black walls; they will be varied by video installations and photo-based pictures.


31 March – 16 June 2013

The New World – Contemporaneous Canadian Print Art, The end of language. Exhibition of Derek Michael Besant

More than 50 print arts of 11 Canadian contemporaneous artists will be exhibited at MODEM. The exhibition is not about traditional print art but about introducing various tends of installations, typographic art and digital screening.

The exhibited works were especially made for Debrecen.


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